Monterey Boats For Sale In New York

Monterey Boats has been a leading name on the water for over 20 years! Based out of Williston, FL since 1985, delivers top of the line boats through excellence and innovation made by the best employees. Similar to Great Bay Marine, Monterey strives to create a family feel within the company that reaches across to the customer. 

Monterey crafts and builds their boats as an art form and is proud to be one of the few boating companies to update their models every year with the latest and greatest features and services in boating. Bringing fun and luxury into every boat, Monterey also ensures a lifetime MVP warranty that covers the most important parts of every craft. 

Monterey Boats, in addition to Great Bay Marine, works to lead the industry in customer satisfaction. If you have any questions that need answering, please contact us today!

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NEW 2021 Monterey 295SY - Great Bay MarineNEW 2021 Monterey 295SY - Great Bay Marine

NEW 2021 Monterey 295SY

Stock #:GBB0189
Location:Islip Terrace
USED 2018 Monterey 298SS - Great Bay MarineUSED 2018 Monterey 298SS - Great Bay Marine

USED 2018 Monterey 298SS

Stock #:GB00227
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